Sunday, April 12, 2009

How is it done?

Since summer is coming up and its time to get the washboard abs out on display, I've adapted my training and nutrition toward this purpose.
I follow a cyclic carbohydrate diet. So my diet looks like this:
Monday to Thursday : Low carb days( less than 100 gms carbs a day )
Friday to Saturday Afternoon : High carb days( About 600-700 gms carbs)
Saturday Afternoon to Sunday night : Medium carb days( About 300 gms)

This allows me to keep my insulin sensitivity up, improve muscle quality while also having enough leeway to party over the weekend while continuing to lose bodyfat. I keep my protein at about 200 gms a day(1 gm per lb) and keep things simple with fats(just don't go overboard)

Right now, my training split looks like:
Monday: Lower body(leg press, leg curls, lunges, leg extensions and calf raises)
Tuesday: Upper body(Bench press, pull ups, T-bar rows, parallel bar dips and lateral raises)

Monday and Tuesday I keep the repetition range around 12-15, this allows me to further deplete glycogen stores and target type 2 fibers in the muscle at the same time.

Thursday: All body workout( Bench press, close grip pull ups, bent over rows, front squats, stiff leg deadlifts, calf raises)

Saturday: Repeat Thursdays workout, but go heavier on all movements(because of Friday's carb up)

Cardio on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday evenings(on the treadmill)

This is a relatively simple program, only thing one needs to get used to while being on such a program is the low carb days Monday to Thursday. People usually find this tough for the first week or two, but soon the body gets used to metabolizing fat as an energy source instead of carbohydrate, this allowing the athlete to lose weight quick.

Again, just because my carb intake is low, doesn't mean my workouts suffer. I go into the gym with purpose, and always train as intense as I can. No other way to train. Do it right or go home!


  1. Interesting diet and workout routine.

    I've never been a big fan of "full body workouts," but I get your purpose for the routine.

    Good stuff.

    Quick question, what does your diet actually look like? I.e. what foods for what meals?

    Friday-Saturday is a huge carb up -- please show.

  2. Bryan, I'll post my meal plan very soon in a new post. Thank you for reading :-)