Sunday, August 2, 2009

Escalated Density Training

What causes muscle growth? When the body is faced with a challenge which it hasn't faced before, it adapts by increasing muscle size and strength to be prepared for further bouts of such stress. This is the principle on which Escalated Density Training which is promoted by Charles Staley.
I have practiced Escalated Density Training intermittently whenever my goals are to change body composition, shock the muscle, and get a tremendous amount of work done in a short amount of time. Yesterday was such a day.

I was aware I had to train my whole body and I did not want to spend endless hours in the gym. I wanted to challenge myself with enough intensity and volume so that my body is stressed enough to lose bodyfat and release useful hormones in growth hormone and testosterone in large amounts.
The training I did is called an A-B split. Basically, 2 opposing muscles are trained with 1 exercise each for a continuous period of about 15 minutes.
So I did 3 such bursts.
Incline Dumbbell bench press with 50 lbs and Close grip lat pulldowns with 110 lbs: Started off with sets of 10 on each and as the soreness and fatigue increased, I continued with 6 rep sets ending with a total of 64 reps on the incline press and 80 on the lat pulldowns. 15 minutes to do this.

Barbell squats with 135 lbs and leg curls with 80 lbs: 8 sets each of 8 reps per set.Took me about 12 minutes to do this but I had no energy left to continue.

At this point, I took a break and trained abs for 10 minutes.

Next, Seated rowing with 100 lbs and parallel bar dips: 8 sets each of 8 reps per set. Again took me about 12 minutes but my arms and back were so pumped that I could barely continue.

All in all, the workout was no longer than an hour, I had trained my whole body, and burnt tremendous amounts of calories.
I followed it up with proper nutrition the rest of the day and today, although I'm VERY sore, I'm looking lean, muscular and defined. Progressing towards our goals makes all the pain and effort worth it.