Monday, May 31, 2010

Wasting time at 24 hour fitness

Today, my training partner and I decided to try out the 24 hour fitness gym in Sunnyvale, CA to workout with two other friends. Our experience was horrible! We expected to workout with a guest membership pass, but they insisted we had to either pay $ 15 to workout or print out guest passes online. So, our friend who luckily lived closeby had to print it out for us. Plus, this wasted an hour of our time, so I bought a Muscle Milk protein shake which costs about $3 everywhere, but they charge almost 5 dollars here! Ridiculous!!
Next they took forever to process the guest passes, and all the trainer's looked like they had never lifted anything heavier than a 5 lb pink dumbell. After a long painful wait(1.5 hours!), we start working out and realize the benches were all so old and unstable, so we could not train heavy. Very poorly maintained equipment to say the least. Finally, the place was packed with 80 year old men and women, which was just plain odd.

Having heard some positive things about the 24 hour fitness gyms, this was a big let down and I hope I never have to go back to one again. I have trained in some gyms where the equipment was poor, but no one deserves to put up with useless fitness trainers who neither respect people's time nor care for the business 24 hour fitness loses because of them. 24 hour fitness just lost a potential member.

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